How Evenbound Helped Vanguard Increase Sales and Conversions

How Evenbound Helped Vanguard Increase Sales and Conversions

Lead Vanguard is a leader in passively managed mutual funds and ETFs. They believe in taking a low-cost approach to investing that allows you to keep more of your after-tax returns.

Vanguard thought leaders study economies and markets, investment strategies, asset classes, and investor behavior to produce rigorous primary research that helps guide investment decisions.

Evenbound Helped Vanguard Automate Their Event Marketing

Vanguard was able to shorten their sales cycle and increase sales by streamlining their processes and implementing tools that would allow them to convert qualified leads faster. To do this, we implemented sales pipelines in HubSpot to create a clear and consistent sales process with defined deal stages and clear ownership so prospects didn’t fall through the cracks. We also deployed sequences before and after conferences with meeting links to make it easy for prospects to schedule time with a sales rep, cutting out the back-and-forth communication that can often be frustrating for busy teams. Finally, we personalized these sequences with personalization tokens to ensure that the message felt relevant and valuable to the new leads. This was critical to establishing a strong connection with the leads and building trust.

Evenbound Helped Vanguard Automate Their Email Marketing

Since engaging with Evenbound, sales and user sign-ups have been steadily increasing while only costing half the previous ad budget. They are a passionate group that keeps projects moving and is always willing to go above and beyond for their clients.

We moved the Vanguard team off of spreadsheets and implemented sales pipelines in HubSpot that defined their ideal sales process. With deal stages that the entire team could see and automate, they were able to convert qualified leads faster than ever before. Before events, we set up sequences that enabled prospects to schedule meetings with Vanguard reps, eliminating back-and-forth communication and giving the team a chance to focus on their most qualified leads. After events, we deployed follow-up sequences to nurture new leads, ensuring that no opportunity was missed.